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A game that takes place in space where you need to farm your way to survival. You must fully upgrade your spaceship if you want to succeed. Though beware, you might run of oxygen or ever worse, you could forget to turn off the water filter!

You have 4 types of plants: Metal, Oxygen, Crystal and Energy, which all have a specific purpose to your survival. If you want to upgrade your spaceship you need to farm metals and crystals which need to be processed by their respective machine that need to be power by Energy. On the other hand, Oxygen and Water decrease over time, therefore you will need to replenish the supplies to avoid certain death.

The seeds to these plants can be acquired through the dispenser where the button will change the type of seed that can be acquired. The Oxygen and Energy plants must be put in the transporter to be accounted for while the Crystal and Metal need to be processed.

Facts : You can only carry one item at a time and sometimes you will run out of power while holding a plant, sadly, you need to throw it in the trash. (Do not worry if you are not seeing the water gauge straight up when you start the game you do not start with this feature) The water filler does not work like the other machines. It's a toggle machine, do not forget to turn it off or it will drain your energy for no reason.

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Tis a WebGL game!

Updated: January 17, 2019 3:24 PM

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Controls :
Mouse ->  Click on the ground to move the character
Mouse -> Highlighted objects are interactive if you are in range
Esc -> Display menu options

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